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Alexander Ant and the Art Contest, written by Tangie Marie and illustrated by Cameron Purvis is a children's book about an ant named Alexander, an amazing, ambitious artist with a never give up attitude. 
With Tangie Marie’s creative and rhythmic writing style and featuring beautiful, bold, and expressive illustrations by Cameron Purvis, Alexander Ant and the Art Contest kids book tells a charming and adventurous story of a unique little artist that enters his small artwork into a very large art contest with hopes to win a blue ribbon. Along the way Alexander faces challenges and learns about the importance of friendship, teamwork, and determination. His determined attitude and ability to ask for help from friends leads to a story of teamwork that proves no matter what size you are, doing things as a team accomplishes so much more. Whether you are looking for a kindergarten reading book, a book for toddlers, or an early reader book, this beautiful picture book is right for you. (Paperback)

Alexander Ant and the Art Contest

SKU: 9781735027913
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