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It is almost time for bed, Meow.  
Goodnight, Meow, written by Tangie Marie and illustrated by Cameron Purvis, is a children’s bedtime story about a cute little cat named Meow. She is winding down her day and getting ready for bedtime.
Featuring Tangie Marie’s creative writing style and beautiful full page illustrations by Cameron Purvis, you are sure to set the mood for a dreamy night’s sleep for your little one. Our bedtime story is not too long and not too short. The poetry throughout the book is just right for a calming and cuddly read just before bedtime.
Meow is a cute playful kitty that has lots of fun all day, and loves bedtime and all that leads up to it. This bedtime story lets you see Meow get more sleepy as it gets closer to bedtime. You will experience the feeling of being cozy and dozy while admiring the magical and beautiful artwork throughout the story. Whether reading this bedtime story to a baby, toddler, or older child, this is the perfect going-to-bed book to calm and settle them into the dreamiest night’s rest. Please join us in saying, “Goodnight, Meow.” (Paperback)

Goodnight, Meow

SKU: 9781735027951
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