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Premium amethyst chakra gemstone tree has 500 real amethyst stones on every tree.

Handmade, approximately 10" tall, real wood base bonsai crystal tree with 500 real stones.

You get all the benefits of the purple amethyst gemstones in one unique hand crafted tree.

Amethyst is a common meditation stone used by men and women. 

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Fully adjustable branches holding the genuine amethyst leaves allow for a personalized look to each tree.

Authentic amethyst crystal tree stones from India, each tree is hand made by artists.
The gemstones have many facets to capture their color.

Silvered color wire securely attaches the smooth-tumbled purple amethyst gemstone crystal beads to each twisted wire branch.

Perfect for housewarming gifts.  Bosses, friends, or family will love this authentic genuine amethyst gemstone chakra tree of life.

Hand crafted quality chakra products
Individually inspected for quality
Premium product packaging
Carefully handled and blessed authentic chakra gemstones
Individually chosen chakra beads and crystals
Every chakra product is unique and original

Cleansing and Setting the Intent of Chakra Crystals
All of the meditation crystals from Tangie Marie have been blessed. It is important to remember to cleanse your crystals when you first get them and on a regular basis thereafter. When you wear or use crystals with the intention to connect with your chakras it is important to first cleanse them from energies of others that may have handled them before you. After cleansing, be sure to then set the intention of how the crystal will be used.

Tangie Marie 500 Stone Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree Meditation Decor Spiritual

SKU: 753387013742
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