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This Tattoo Sketchbook and Journal is designed with the tattoo artist in mind; ideal for professional tattoo artists and students alike, the predesigned templates allow you to planout your design with your client on the fly. This book features body type-A and body type-B style templates each with a chest and a back template as well as a detail page, because there’s more to a good tattoo than just the design; the “who, what, when, and where” is just as important. Our sketchbook provides everything you need for you to keep the details in one place. There is space on each page to plan the color palette of the tattoo, sketch the tattoo itself, and a place to write details and take notes. Our sketchbook also includes a blank table of contents for quick and easy access to your designs. Keep track of your commissions and simplify your workflow with our Tattoo Sketchbook and Journal. This awesome sketchbook is created by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists! We are Tangie Marie and Cameron Purvis, an artistic duo that have written, illustrated, and published successful children’s books all over the world! In addition to being a successful children’s book author and illustrator, Tangie has also been a tattoo artist since 2009. We have used a variety of sketchbooks and journals throughout the years to bring our artwork and stories to life, and we believe that they are an essential part of any creative process. We feel that artists always need a great space to express their creativity, communicate their ideas with their clients, and bring them to life on any medium, so we decided to create a line of our own sketchbooks and art journals that do just that! Get yours now and be amazing, be happy, and be an artist!

Tattoo Sketchbook and Journal by Tangie Marie and Cameron Purvis

SKU: 9781736079614
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