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“On the first night of winter…” Sound familiar? The 12 Nights of Winter, by Tangie Marie and Cameron Purvis, is a fresh, new version of the the beloved carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. This children’s story puts a new twist on a familiar theme. Charming illustrations capture the imaginations of little ones as a traditional festive tale is recounted page by page. Adorable forest critters gather together on each page to keep your little readers engaged as they count each night’s new additions to the scene. Our book’s full-page color illustrations feature a calming palette of cozy colors that bring with them the whimsy of the season and wonder of the holidays with every page. Be sure to pick up The 12 Nights of Winter in time for the holidays; this book is the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones alike.(Paperback)

The 12 Nights of Winter

SKU: 9781736079607
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