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Ahoy, Matey! Meet the Pickled Pirate Crew of the Ghastly Gherkin. These pickled pirates are out sailing somewhere on a sea of pickle juice searching for golden treasure. The captain of this ship is Captain Dill, a really salty pickle that doesn’t use his manners—he never has and he never will, or will he? Set sail with this seaworthy tale and join the Pickled Pirate Crew in helping Captain Dill learn the three most important Golden Rules.Your lil’ swashbuckler will love this high sea adventure, filled with loads of pirate speak, so much, in fact, that you will need the included pirate lingo glossary to help ye land lubbers learn the lingo!On the hunt for a fun story that will entertain your children and have them learning their manners too? Look no further than this fun-to-read-aloud kid’s book. It will have every child talking like a pirate and using their manners too!From the creators of Goodnight, Meow and Alexander Ant and the Art Contest, comes The Salty Pickled Pirates and the Golden Treasure. This adventurous addition to Tangie Marie and Cameron Purvis’s catalogue introduces funny new characters in a colorful, brilliantly illustrated world, brought to life by a creatively written story that will help your little one learn to be polite. Set sail with The Salty Pickled Pirates and the Golden Treasure today, and pick up a copy of your own, please! Arr! Who ever said we pirates have no manners?

The Salty Pickled Pirates and the Golden Treasure

SKU: 9781736079690
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